皇冠hg0088新2网址hg622.com Boyue 100 ℃ temperature difference challenge 丨 is a challenge, but also a strength

Boyue 100 ℃ temperature difference challenge 丨 is a challenge, but also a strength

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Dana Altman

The northern scenery with thousands of miles of ice and thousands of miles of snow

Grass long warbler flies, misty rainy Jiangnan March

Except the scenery along the way

带来了 Boyue 100 ° C temperature difference challenge team also brought

5场专业场地的精彩试驾 Wonderful test drive in 2 ice and snow, 5 professional venues

Bring you the ultimate experience of all aspects of Boyue

Snow and ice test drive

Galloping on snowy and slippery road

Challenge the stability and safety of the vehicle at will

And Boyue's ESP body stabilization system, BorgWarner's timely four-wheel drive

Only let you remember the beauty of the ice and snow kingdom

Test Drive

Driving on winding mountain roads

Every sprint

Every perfect turn

It ’s all about vehicle power, handling, and chassis

The most thrilling test

Boyue has submitted a perfect score

Site test drive

S-curve is an obstacle and a manifestation of strength

Below the road limit

Boyue body stabilization system escorts you

Vehicle chassis tuning skills make you invincible

Even blind tests that obstruct the field of vision around the body

Boyue 360-degree panoramic image still gives you clear direction


Reversing and parking so easy ~

Road test drive

Test drive experience on high-speed sections

The speed does not slow down, the formation cannot be scattered

Boyue ACC system as an automatic regulator of vehicle spacing

Ensure the orderliness of the team during the test drive

And excellent noise reduction

Let you enjoy a comfortable communication space

From Mohe to Hangzhou

Boyue 100 ° C temperature difference challenges the team

More than just a challenge to extreme temperatures

It is also a test of Boyue's strength

Because confident enough

So we accept the challenge

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