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[LOL] Teaching 丨 Several Tips on Compression in Top Compulsory Courses

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How to resist stress is the most basic and most need to understand skills. Because on the upper unit, you can't guarantee that the opposite side can be defeated in each round, and it is likely that because of your aggressiveness, you will be frequently ganked by the opposite side. As everyone knows, once the order is killed because of the length of the line, It is difficult to turn over to be the master two or three times. All top-level orders know how to resist pressure, how to resist pressure, this article will explain the way of order resistance.

What is anti-stress

Many players think that resistance to pressure is the performance of counseling, so even if you can't fight against the line, you still go up and fight, resulting in you could win the game and eventually lose it because of you.

In fact, resistance to stress is not timidity, but a tactic, a play. Indirectly, it can be interpreted as "rewarding guts". The choice of resistance to pressure is not because we are afraid of the opposite, but because of heroic restraint or development problems, we are forced to choose resistance.

Proper use of anti-stress often has a good effect in the game. Someone has done the adjustment, and the players who are resistant to pressure will have a 4 times chance of turning over against the wind. That's right, the situation of anti-stress often encounters headwinds, but why go all the way for three headwinds?

An excellent orderer knows how to resist pressure, strengthen strengths and avoid weaknesses, avoid their weak periods, and wait for their strong periods to come, helping teams win the game better.

When to fight

Of course, it is not necessary to fight against pressure, but it depends on the situation of the enemy and our heroes, and the specific trend of the game.

Heroic restraint forced to resist

There is a clear restraint relationship between the heroes in the League of Legends. The period of strength between different heroes is also different. The skill characteristics allow some heroes to be born naturally when they are opposite to other heroes with similar levels. At this time we It is necessary to choose to resist pressure, so how do you know if the hero you choose is good against the enemy hero? This requires a certain degree of heroic proficiency and the player to judge it. For example, melee without sudden skill will be remoted. Hero kites are difficult to beat in the early stage. For example, heroes such as Pan Sen who have very high damage in the early stage, most orders cannot be played in the early stage.

Sleepy taste

Sometimes the heroes we choose are destined to resist our early pressure. For example, the dog head, it is known that the dog head is a super late hero. The longer the time goes by, the stronger the dog head becomes, so the dog head has a very weak early stage. Although the deceleration effect of W is very OP, the damage bonus of Q skill is terrible, and the passive blood-sucking recovery is also very considerable, but these are still only anti-pressure in the early stage. Most of the strong orders can explode on the line. What the dog head has to do is silently Q soldiers, wait until the Q skills are superimposed to a certain number of layers and slowly start to take the strong road.

There are also weapons such as weapons and knife sisters that require level or one or two core equipment to support. They can have dazzling heroes in later single bands and team battles. It is better to choose compression development in the early stage. .

Sacrifice for team resistance

In the game, the energy of a jungler is limited. It is impossible to help each lane, so that each lane can be smooth and smooth, and the characteristics of the jungler on both sides are different. It is possible that the enemy jungler likes to catch it, but our jungler I like to catch the middle and the bottom, so even if you choose a strong hero on the line at this time, you still need to resist pressure. Even if you are a strong hero, you cannot do a dozen or two in the early stage. After being killed twice, The disadvantages of economy, especially the experience, make the hero's advantage nowhere to play. At this time, it is very unwise to choose to forcibly fight, because this game may have advantages in both your side and the bottom. Only you are the disadvantage all the way. What you have to do It is to stabilize development and not send it.

So what are the details of stress resistance?

Sufficient eye position

Eye position is a very important part in the game, which can often save your life and understand the movement of the enemy. When you choose to resist pressure, vision is very important. Because the line is at a disadvantage, the enemy will definitely choose to actively exchange blood with you, and if your health is not healthy, the opposite jungler will even hit the middle. It may appear at this time, and cooperate to kill you, and you will lose one or two waves of soldiers. You will be even more disadvantaged if you are already under pressure. So if you have come a few times in the past, this game is basically not there. It is possible to stand up, so you must have sufficient vision.

The above are the three common eye positions, and the use of them also proves that it is recognized by many people and is practical.

The above three are unconventional eye positions. The emergence of the S7 explosion fruit has led many junglers to choose to directly go to gank through the explosion fruit through the wall. This makes the order of the field of vision unresponsive, and it is difficult to avoid gank. An eye position can be a good place for this to happen.

An eye position is placed between the upper river grass and the triangular grass, and you can know the enemy heroes from the river. The opposite scan is mostly sweeping the grass. The opposite thinks that you have no eye position, you will squat you, and you Knowing that someone is squatting you, you can pretend you didn't see him, move forward slightly, and then back up, so that you are in a relatively safe position, and let the opposite jungle know you do n’t know he is going to grab you Even you can use the remote skills to consume the opposite side and quickly retreat, not give them the opportunity, wait for the support of your teammates or let them help other roads to establish an advantage.

A control guard is placed in the grass on the red Buff, which can know the movement of the opposing jungle, whether it is in the Ueno area.

Control and development

When you choose to resist pressure, line control will be a very good choice. So how to control the line?

If you want to control the line, then you can choose to resist the damage of the creeps until you reach the line you want to control. After that, you can kill the creeps so that the number of enemy and our creeps is almost the same, so that there are one or two more creeps on our side than ours. , So you can control the line for a long time.

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When the enemy line is close to you, you can attract their attention, and then quickly bring them to the grass. You can use this trick several times to control the line, break the balance, and let the line naturally advance towards you. .

You can bring your line up or close to your own jungle area. This may save a few of your own soldiers who are about to be killed.

Of course, in the case of the enemy's advantage, sometimes you will choose to control the line to make you very uncomfortable, because the order is a single line and the line is long, it is easy to cause a kill, if you dare to go up and make a knife, you will be beaten A set or a wild gank on the opposite side, so when the line crosses the river and is close to the opposite defensive tower, you should stay away from the opposite hero to have experience to ensure that the opposite single and wild can not output you at the same time in a short time.

Of course, you can also go to fight monsters in your own wild area, as shown in the picture above. The toads and stone beetles provide a lot of economy and experience. You can also choose to kill river crabs. First, river crabs will provide Many gold coins, the second is that the river crab will not fight back, you can restore your status by attacking it, and the third is that after the river crab is killed, it will have a good vision, which can ensure your safety.

Choice of transmission loop

Teleportation can ensure the development of the previous hero, but it is also necessary to determine whether to teleport.

In this scenario, you have been killed by an enemy gank in the early stage, and if there are many lines and in the middle, if you have teleport, try to use teleport to go online to ensure that the experience is not widened, and at the same time force the opposite side to return Push the line behind the house, so that the opposite side also surrenders its own teleport, so that you can ensure that the opposite side will not create an advantage through the teleport support without the teleport.

In the above situation, Kainan is in control of the line, and because the blue side has more soldiers, the line is pushed to the red side. At this time, direct transmission is not recommended.

First of all, because of the opposite line control, you will not lose a lot of creeps because of this;

Secondly, the opposite line may be preparing for the wild gank

As shown in the picture above, it is divided into three areas. The opposite jungle may wait for you to gank you in the grass circled in the picture. If you teleport directly, then you are in a very threatening area, and once you have not killed, your teleportation is still during the CD. The opposite side can cooperate with the jungler to advance your line to your tower, causing you a lot of loss Experience and economics, you are already under pressure and you will face a crash.

If you are on the line, let ’s not say whether the opposite jungler has the patience to squat you, even if there is, when you are on the line, the opposite jungler will basically choose to do the opposite when you are in the neutral area, and the opposite If you ca n’t keep up, your chance of survival will increase. If you want to kill you on the other side, you will inevitably pay a lot of summoner skills. Even if you are killed, you can go online immediately after resurrection. Minimize losses.


The above is the analysis of compression and how to combat compression. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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