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Zhou Xingchi's "Journey to the West" will show the extended version classic or sell?

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Stephen Chow's classic movie "Journey to the West" is about to re-run, this time a longer version.

The extended commemorative version of the classic work "The Great Journey to the West", starring Zhou Xingchi, Zhu Yin, Mo Wenwei, Cai Shaofen, Wu Mengda, Lu Shuming, etc., was officially re-released on April 14, and an ink poster and a group of fans were also released. Change the illustration poster.

The new version of "The Great Marriage" was repaired and re-edited frame by frame, and the picture quality was improved to 2K HD, which injected more vitality into this love classic.

It is understood that "Journey to the West" was jointly produced by Zhou Xingchi Caixing Film Company and Xi'an Film Studio in 1994. After it was released in 1995, the mainland copyright of "Journey to the West" was owned by Xi'an Film Studio, the predecessor of West Film Group. The copyright in Hong Kong belongs to Stephen Chow's own company, after which the copyright in Hong Kong was resold to other companies.

In other words, the "Large Journey to the West", "Large Journey to the West" 3D version and the extended "Large Journey to the West" extended commemorative version, which were later re-screened in Mainland China, are all a means of smashing classic movies.

Fans who "owe a movie ticket to Xingye" never expected that their feelings would be sold again and again, and some commented that such re-screening methods are detrimental to the classics.

For the re-screening of "Journey to the West", netizens think so:


Damon-Big Devil: Fried rice, I would rather watch the old version at home

Guo Xuyuan: Too much consumption

The daily runaway Sanbai: Without the consent of the director and Xingye, the production company wanted to tie up the feelings and take some money. [二 哈] The extended version everyone joked that the subtitles might be longer.

Shuang Dazai: The copyright is not on the side of Zhou Xingchi and Liu Zhenwei. It is in the Western Film Group. Please find the right ticket for the money ticket. Thank you.

My name is Mr. Hao: The classic movie has become a tool for collecting money for related personnel!

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