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Talents who can "eat" have integrity

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"Seven Swords Under the Tianshan" must have been read by many friends. "Among these people, there is an old man with three long beards, a ruddy complexion, and a Confucian crown ... The old man's name is Fu Qingzhu. Besides, he is better than martial arts and has profound knowledge in the Promise of Wuji. In addition, he is also a master of calligraphy and painting, a stranger in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. Dayong, I am afraid that such a person will only appear in the novel!


In fact, there was such a person in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. The real Fu Qingzhu is inferior to the image in the novel. He "learned about heaven and man, Tao and Xianxue", "known as learning the sea at the time", recitations, the best among the Confucianists in the early Qing Dynasty; in the second half of his life, he tried to fight against Qingming, and several times, he became an opposition. One of the leaders of the ideological and cultural circles, and the Qing court even attracted him as a "Book of the Cabinet" in order to win him; Yu Yidao also achieved something. "Fu Qing Master and Daughter" occupied half of the Chinese medicine and gynecology. The myths and legends in Shanxi area, at that time, Taoism and Buddhism were all regarded as their own. At that time, people evaluated it as "poetry is not as good as poetry, poetry is not as good as painting, painting is not as good as medicine, medicine is not as good as learning, and learning is not as good as people".


But why is such a mysterious legend, a legend with a very mysterious character, becoming a "women's sacred hand"?


You must know that the status of doctors in ancient times was very low, and because of the great defense of men and women, women's conditions are complex, involving menstruation, belts, fetuses, births, and other diseases. It is known as "Ningzhi ten men, but one woman" Gynecology is not very good, otherwise there will not be "Women in Bamboo Forest Temple", Yao Po, Wen Po. Master Fu Qing was able to learn from the specialty of gynecology as a man, and achieved something, only because he fell in love with him for five years, but made him "break love for fifty years".


Fu Qingzhu ’s wife is named Zhang, Jingjing Jun. After Jingjun married Fu, she and Fu Qingzhu lived in peace. However, the wife died five years later. The specific reason is not recorded in the history books, but since then Fu Qingzhu It is not difficult to know that focusing on gynecology, the wife is afraid of dying due to illness. At that time, Fu Qingzhu had just stood "thirty and stood". For the next 50 years, he personally raised his son, kept his wife and chastity, and never married again. Therefore, after he became acquainted with medicine, he studied internal and external, women, and children, especially in gynecology, and the recipes left are still very good. Take Yihuang Tang in the lower door and Pinggan in the blood collapse door Yuzhixue Decoction, Yujing Decoction in Seed Gate, and Biochemical Decoction in Postpartum Gate have become regular prescriptions in gynecology.


So affectionate, based on the book "Fu Qing Zhu Nu Ke Ke" as a medium, for hundreds of years, Fu and Wanjia. Among them, the door of production, even in the era of lack of medical treatment, guaranteed countless "mother and child safety." Pregnant women are nearing birth and their children are unable to go down. This is a problem that can be solved by the society at the same time, but in that era, it was the life and death barrier of expectant mothers. What do Chinese medicine doctors do without a scalpel?


Fu Qingzhu said: This is "the reason why the bones are not open", that is, the pubic symphysis where western medicine dissects. mountain". Affected by estrogen during pregnancy, coupled with the effect of uterine gravity, the joints and ligaments of the pubic bone relax, and the child comes out. This requires asking the last question, "Why don't you open bones?" Without estrogen? I'm afraid no obstetrician can give you a satisfactory answer. In fact, this problem is very easy to solve. It can be explained clearly by changing the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine. "The person who can open the bones can open and close, and the master of qi and blood ... For the smooth production, you must not qi and blood .... Among them, with the addition of the bones, the two phases are governed together, and there is no need to spawn, and the mother and the child are all right.


Only a pair of decoction, open bones, mother and son, isn't it better than a knife? This is not so much that no one can use it now, it is better to say that no one dares to use it now. Every family is just such a baby. Parents are afraid of accidents. Doctors are even more careful, such as walking on thin ice.


This can't help but remind me of the current Caesarean section! Over the years, more and more children have been born by caesarean section. In some provinces, the caesarean section rate is said to be as high as 70% to 80%. If the fetal position is not correct, cut it; if the amniotic fluid is insufficient, cut it; if the woman is intolerant, cut it. This caesarean section has become a common phenomenon, which has greatly improved the survival rate of pregnant women and newborns, but it has also produced another terrible phenomenon. What is it? Fewer obstetricians are attending hospitals. Even if it is the obstetrics department of the provincial hospital, the doctor who will actually deliver the child may not have a few. When the mother and the fetus are in a bad situation, they will be sent to the operating room immediately. It is true that this production method has the advantages of simplicity, safety, and efficiency, but if this continues, there will be a new phenomenon-fewer and fewer people will "born children"!

Watchdog hate


Do n’t laugh, think about it: how many female friends around you are willing to give birth, and what is the ratio of caesarean to birth in the last two years? Even if the woman is subjectively willing to give birth, how many really have the strength to give birth to the child? You will understand why I said that.


Advances in science and technology have lost our production instincts!


There are people like Fu Qingzhu who guard their wives and attack gynecology; there are experts like Lin Qiaozhi who have never been married and are diligent in their lives, achieving the title of "mother of 10,000 babies". The predecessors drew their whole lives for the "things of production", but the younger generations of us, instead, "simplified and easy" across the board. Why?


One word, lazy; two words, spleen deficiency; three words, eat more. This is actually a very unpleasant word, but it is a big truth. I just hope that everyone will think about it before they "eat". The ancients ate less and moved more. The ears are clear. We eat more and move less. Heavy weight, this already illustrates the problem. The benefits of "maintaining hunger" in modern medicine are actually "eating well", and the spleen must be in good health, so that the human body can efficiently produce high yields!


"Stop your mouth and spread your legs", you can find the reason for "no space, no time" in sports, so let's learn to "think before eating" first! Only if you have "a festival" and a strong body can you qualify for "national integrity"!

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