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Mysterious magical pottery charm

Public number : Hemei Pottery Museum Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:24:00

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Legend of Yun Xi

Mysterious? Amazing?

What is pottery?

Is art,

Is self,

Is the crystal of mud, water and fire

Pottery production looks amazing,

Actually, it ’s amazing.

Looking at ceramic art is very mysterious,

It ’s not mysterious

Hemei Pottery Museum

You just want to try

What you get is art

Look at the works of the students who opened the kiln on the 17th

Feel the charm of ceramic art

Hemei Pottery Museum's study last week

Chen Liangyu

First college student

The freshman of Binhong Art College of Anhui Finance and Trade College came to Hemei Pottery Museum with interest, and tried the strange handmade ceramic art production for the first time. Look at that mask work, it can be regarded as a unique art work. Of course, in terms of the skills of ceramic art production, if you want to make thoughtful and creative art works, you still need to continuously try and learn.

Ceramic works by some freshmen

Do you have your ceramic works

All the pottery experience works in Hemei Pottery Museum from March 1st to March 12th have been finished firing on March 17th, dears, do you have your masterpiece? Since there are many works in this kiln, we cannot show them one by one, please forgive me

Some works of recent ceramic art production experience

Hemei welcomes you!

Hemei Pottery Museum welcomes you. Hemei Pottery Museum has handmade pottery making experience, ceramic glaze, under-glaze painting experience, ceramic image production. Hemei Pottery Museum can accommodate 30 people at a time and is equipped with video teaching. As long as you come With Hemei, you will definitely have gains and happiness!

Hemei Pottery is located at the southwest of the intersection of Huaining Road and West Changjiang Road—the second floor of the military logistics warehouse gate

Hemei Telephone: 0551——64221901

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