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Don't lose conscience

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I know there are short and long;

Experience things,

I realized that there are joys and injuries;


I know that there are true and false;

Nothing can be discarded,

The bottom line of man cannot be abandoned;

You can throw everything away,

One's conscience cannot be lost.


Grasp the scale of being a person,

Keep your good care.

You do n’t have to be deliberate,

Do things without perfection.

Can be high,

But be tolerant,

Otherwise it is arrogance;

Be kind

But if there is right and wrong,

Otherwise it is weak.



Can be strong,

But to adhere to principles,

Otherwise it is violent.

Everything has a degree,

Can't say everything

To grasp the scale.

Nothing can be done absolutely,

Leave room for people

Man is not the best

Virtue high

Keep your conscience,

Good now,

Do it now,

Is another great gain in life!


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