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Cheng Yi

垂丝柳 西河柳 西湖柳 红柳 、阴柳; 萝藦科 、柽柳落叶 小乔木 Tamarix, (Latin scientific name: Tamarix chinensis Lour.), Also known as Tamarix chinensis , Xihe willow , Xihu willow , red willow , willow; arachidae , tamarisk deciduous small tree . The twigs and leaves of Tamarix are traditional Chinese medicine. Produced throughout China. Fresh or dry. 细柔 ,姿态婆娑,开花如红蓼,颇为美观。 The tamarisk branches are delicate , with a whirling posture, blooming like a red twig, which is quite beautiful. It is often planted as a garden ornamental plant. Can be used for poorly transmitted pimples or invaded rash, colds, cough, rheumatic bone pain.

Trees or shrubs, 3-6 (-8) meters tall; old branches erect, dark brown-red, bright, young branches dense and weak, often spreading and drooping, red-purple or dark purple-red, shiny; young branches dense and slender, hanging . 披针形或长卵形,长1.5-1.8毫米,稍开展,先端尖,基部背面有龙骨状隆起,常呈薄膜质;上部绿色营养枝上的叶钻形或卵状披针形,半贴生,先端渐尖而内弯,基部变窄,长1-3毫米,背面有龙骨状突起。 The leaves are bright green, and the leaves on the green vegetative branches that grow from the raw lignified branches are oblong- lanceolate or long-ovate, 1.5-1.8 mm long, slightly expanded, apex pointed, with keel-like bulges on the back of the base, often showing Membrane; leaves on the upper green vegetative branches are diamond-shaped or ovate-lanceolate, semi-adapted, apex acuminate and curved inward, base narrowed, 1-3 mm long, and keel-like protrusions on the back.

He was born in the alluvial plains of rivers, seashores, beachheads, wet saline-alkali lands and sandy wastelands.

It is resistant to high temperatures and severe cold; it is a tree species of hi-light and does not bear shade. Resistant to the sun and the sun, dry and wet, wind and alkaline soil, can grow on heavy saline soil with 1% salt content. Deep roots, the main lateral roots are very developed, the main roots often reach the groundwater layer, the deepest can reach more than 10m, strong budding ability, resistant to pruning and castration; fast growth, annual growth of 50 ~ 80cm, 4 ~ 5 years up to 2.5 ~ 3.0m, a lot of flowering and fruiting, tree age can reach more than 100 years.

Ornamental value

It is often planted as a garden ornamental plant.


The tamarisk branches are delicate, with a whirling posture, blooming like a red twig, which is quite beautiful. 绿篱 用,适于就水滨、池畔、桥头、河岸、堤防植之。 It can be used as a hedge in the courtyard , suitable for planting on the waterfront, poolside, bridgehead, riverbank and embankment. If the trees along the streets and highways are planted with tamarisk, the trees will be light and sparse, and the trees will be vertical and stylish.

Economic Value

Its thin branches are flexible and wear-resistant, and are mostly used for weaving baskets, which are solid and durable; their branches can also be used for weaving and handles.

Windbreak greening

Tamarix is a stubborn plant that can grow in harsh environments such as deserts, river beaches, or saline-alkali land. It is one of the best tree species that can adapt to the survival of arid deserts and coastal saline soils, protect against wind and sand, transform saline-alkali land, and green the environment.

Source: Luoyang Sui Tangcheng Site Botanical Garden Management Office

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