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...... 宝贝们在工作的过程当中,他们会发现直线会好夹一些,曲线的边缘夹子会很容易就被滑下来了,不管多难,多操作几次以后,宝贝们的手指会越来越灵活,他们完全沉浸在成功的喜悦中了。 The work of clips seems to be very simple. There are still some differences between the babies. Some children do not have enough fingers to control the clips well. Some children like to arrange the clips on the same side. Some children like to place the clips on the same side. The clips are sorted by color ... During the work of the baby, they will find that the straight line will be better, and the edge of the curve will be easily slipped. No matter how difficult, after a few more operations, Babies' fingers will become more and more flexible, and they are completely immersed in the joy of success. 夹核桃 ,现在我们来看看宝贝们是如何工作的吧! Today's work is " pinching walnuts " , now let's see how the babes work! !! !!

Through a variety of clips, the two-finger pinch, three-finger pinch, and five-finger pinch are practiced, which not only trains the children's small muscle flexibility, but also further cultivates the baby's judgment and classification ability . There are so many interesting jobs in the activity room! !! !!

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