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Want to improve your academic performance? Keep playing these games

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My friend highly recommended to watch "Hachida Shinchaou Right Brain Learning Method". I bought it and looked at the front.

A student in the fourth grade of Tokushima Elementary School in Japan ranked first in grades throughout the year. In all subjects, he scored only about 10 points out of 100.

But after four months of right-brain memory training, he scored 90 points in the math test and 85 points in the Chinese language. His mother's surprise came from the top of the class.

When I saw a lot of such examples in the book, I was surprised, but I always had doubts, it was incredible.

The author of the book, Makoto Chita, believes that the left brain is verbal memory and the right brain is image memory. Image memory capability, it is very efficient to memorize a large amount of content at one time.

He said that using the left brain to read, usually only 400 to 600 words can be read in one minute, but the right brain can read 1 million words.

The well-known scientist Einstein, who we know, has been using right brain image memory since childhood.

The left brain ability currently used by humans only accounts for about 3% of all abilities. The development of the right brain allows everyone to have genius.

And Nanada really believes that after cultivating right-brain memory, children's creativity, imagination, and concentration will get a great leap, and this is the ability that children really need.

I read this book in doubt and doubt until a later chapter, "Reciting Collected Works to Develop Brain Ability," said that using recitation method to cultivate fast memory, I began to accept this concept of right brain development, and jumped Try it.

I know a friend, and her child has an unforgettable ability. Mom said that she would ask her to repeat the story when she read to her. This persisted for six years, and the child really became a genius who will never forget.

Everyone has image memory function in early childhood. Children aged 0 to 6 are more likely to show right brain memory. After the age of 6, the main function of the brain will shift from the right brain to the left brain. The left brain is starting to dominate. Even so, the right brain training can start anytime.

Whether you want your child to be a genius, whether you want the ability to remember it, or even just to make it easier for children to learn and have more time to play, I think you can play these games that adults and children love.

Take a little time each day to play these games with children, which not only enhances the parent-child relationship, but also maybe one day really has the "strongest brain".




Game one

Flash memory training

Find small props at home, including several items: rubber bands, pens, erasers, etc. A tray and an opaque cloth.

Put about ten items on the tray first, and let the child watch for five seconds, then quickly cover them with a cloth, and after image memory, put out the corresponding positions of these items.

Game two

Image memory training

Prepare multiple picture cards of animals, plants or vehicles. Take out a certain number of cards, and younger children take less than four. Older children can have ten or even a dozen or twenty. Ask your child to write a story and write it down in order.

This is the so-called joint idea. Using this method can exercise the right brain's image ability, and also can play the left brain's language function, which is very helpful for children's expression and composition skills.

Game three

Quick Vision Training

This group of games is a function of awakening the right brain by inputting a lot of information.

Parents write five lines of text on a card, let the child take a look, and then write one to five lines of text. Continue this training to the extent that you can see the entire page at a glance. Then you can challenge the picture book with fewer pages, and then gradually move to the text book with fewer pages.

Scary Cannibal

Game four

Speed listening and speed reading training

Set the reading speed of the English story on the player to double or quadruple speed mode, then look at the book and read it with your mouth.

At first, you can start with a five-minute story, and then slowly extend it to seven or nine minutes. Long-term training can open the right brain memory. When your ears, mouth, and eyes are used to high speed, listening to a foreign language at a normal speaking speed will be very easy, and English learning will no longer be difficult.

Game five

One minute dictation training

Take a minute to read a paragraph of text repeatedly, imagine it at the same time, and then write it down. At the beginning, the difficulty of the article should not be too high, a small story with about 50 words and a plot is appropriate. It can increase the difficulty as the training deepens.




There are several principles to follow during the game:

First, try to do it in a quiet place as much as possible . Don't let your children be disturbed. Parents should turn off their phones.

Second, we must insist on training every day for at least 3 months.

Third, these games are also helpful to the right brains of parents, so parents must participate in the games. This will not only enhance parent-child relationships, but children will be more interested.

Fourth, don't choose your child to eat or be sleepy. Train when you want to sleep.

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