www.hg22888.com Why are moms waiting for a laundry detergent so suitable for baby clothes?

Why are moms waiting for a laundry detergent so suitable for baby clothes?

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Recently, the weather has changed so much that I do n’t know how to wear clothes, especially for babies. The clothes are uncomfortable, and they ca n’t fully express their meaning. The baby ’s skin is delicate, very sensitive to stains, and itself Sweat easily. If it is not cleaned, the remaining sweat stains, milk stains, and other dirt will easily breed bacteria, which seriously endangers the baby's health.

How to choose a laundry detergent suitable for washing baby's clothes

Residues of fluorescent agents, fragrance residues, pigments in laundry detergents are an "allergic disaster" for babies with delicate skin

What is baby laundry detergent

Different from ordinary laundry detergents, baby laundry detergent is a baby-specific laundry detergent developed for baby's delicate and fragile skin, easily injured and allergic. Its ingredients are more natural and mild, and less irritating. It can effectively clean children's clothes without excessive harmful substances remaining on the clothes, thereby protecting children's skin.

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1. Low irritation, which can be reflected by its pH. When the pH of the laundry detergent is very close to the pH of the skin, the less damage it has to the skin, the baby laundry detergent uses this to achieve the purpose of mildness and non-skin damage. All the skins belong to the weaker acidic category, so it can reduce the damage to the baby's delicate and fragile skin, and ordinary laundry detergents rarely have this requirement.

2. Considering that most of the dirt on the baby's clothes is stained when the baby is drinking, eating, or drowning, so for such stains, the baby laundry liquid has a better cleaning effect.

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