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Unfortunately, a luxury car with a length of 4 meters and 7 meters, the beggar version matches 245 with variable compression, and it can't be sold if it drops 50,000.

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In this era of transparency in the automotive market, polarization is becoming increasingly apparent, not only in the traditional home market, but also in the high-end luxury car market. So what is polarization? That is, those that sell well always sell well, while those that do n’t sell are basically few consumers will pay attention to them. There are often many factors in it, including word of mouth, brand power, and so on. The three major brands in the luxury car market are BBA, but after all, the market is diversified. In addition to BBA, there are many luxury brands for consumers to choose from.

The Chinese have divided this category of luxury brands into second-tier areas. Compared with BBA, the competition in this area is also very fierce. After all, second-tier luxury brands have rarely sold well, and relatively speaking, only Cadillac and Lexus have performed well. To be better, the performance of other brands in the domestic market is basically bleak. But after all, it is an old-fashioned foreign brand. Some second-tier luxury brands that have been left out actually have many high-quality models, and Infiniti should be considered one of the most unfortunate luxury brands.

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