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What to pay attention to when choosing a Persian cat?

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Persian cats are a popular type of long-haired cat. Their character and appearance can always easily conquer cat lovers. The Persian cat is a new breed based on the Afghan longhair cat and the Turkish Angora longhair cat. It was not born until 1860. They have a pleasing face, long and luxurious back hair, and elegant manners, so they are known as "princes in cats" and "princes in cats". They are the most popular purebred cats in the world. The cat world holds an extremely important position, so what do you need to pay attention to when choosing a good Persian cat?


At present, the hair color of Persian cats can be roughly divided into five major color series and more than 80 kinds of hair colors. Mainly monochromatic, Jinjila color, tabby, smoke, mixed color system, among which Jinjila color can be called Jinjila cat alone.


The head of a Persian cat is round and large, and its cranium is very wide. It has plump cheeks, and its face is flatter and rounder than other cat breeds. It is commonly known as the "Jingba face".


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