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Girls choosing AA system in love are actually a kind of clever feedback

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My boyfriend did nothing when I asked for a meal in my school days, but I also think there is nothing, but I prefer the AA system or another woman knows how to give back to the man in a smarter way.

In fact, there is no need to deceive yourself. In the adult world, all efforts are expected to be rewarded.

I believe that the love parents have for us is selfless, but at the same time, we will choose to support them when we grow up. This is a kind of smart feedback.

The money for a Japanese meal in your student days may be your boyfriend's stomping in the cafeteria for a week of food. If you know this fact, can you really eat this meal with peace of mind? I think out of consideration, you will definitely choose to invite him to a movie next time.

As a side event, my university friend had a different place. I did n’t have enough money. I could n’t go outside to do various part-time jobs and eat instant noodles in the dormitory. In order to satisfy my girlfriend ’s little wishes, I often gave her some small surprises and small romances. .

One day I had a quarrel with my subject, but I had to fold in half to sell the thousands of earphones I had just saved, and bought an air ticket to save my girlfriend, but in the end I was short of money.

I'm not saying that the process of courtship is wrong, but in the case of limited financial capacity, in order to support my feelings, I have to spend a lot of cheap part-time jobs that should have been a good time to learn. You could have used This money is used to improve image learning skills and develop hobbies, or to buy a gift for parents, but you choose to invest in a relationship that does not know how to give back. Such input cannot be directly proportional to output, so the final As a result, the more you give, the less you get.

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