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Is Liu Qiaozhen's love for Gao Jialin a true love?

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Gao Jialin and Liu Qiaozhen are the protagonists in Northern Shaanxi writer Lu Yao's Life. Liu Qiaozhen's love for Gao Jialin went up and down with the ups and downs of Gao Jialin's life. People feel resentment and regret for Gao Jialin, a grass-roots born but forgetful. She also sympathized with Liu Qiaozhen's experience. But what I want to ask is, is Liu Qiaozhen's love for Gao Jialin a true love? I think many ingredients are not. Because the difference between their lives is too big, the spiritual realm is also big, and love is not based on equality. On the one hand, she was humble, and on the other, she attacked him at the lowest point in his life.

Stills from Life

Unilateral love period

1. Although Qiaozhen had no culture, she wanted to find a literate one, and Gao Jialin became the white horse prince he thought about day and night.

"Qiaozhen has no culture, but has a strong ability to feel and understand things, so the spiritual pursuit is very unusual. The crop people behind the village see the beauty of her appearance, but cannot understand her brilliant spiritual glory. Unfortunately, she She has no culture and cannot approach the people she thinks are "more interesting". She has a deep sense of inferiority in front of educated people. But she is determined to choose a man who is culturally and spiritually rich Your partner. "

For years, she has been crazy for this person-this person is Gao Galin!

2. Galin did not enter college after graduating from high school. After returning to the village dimly, Qiaozhen was almost crazy.

How many times her dreams revealed the light of hope. She made a plan: Galin is now a peasant, so maybe you have to find a rural daughter-in-law in the future, right? If he looks for a girl with a rural hukou, she has no culture, but she has the confidence to make him love her. She knew that she had an individual girl who was hard to compare with: Jun.

3. When Gao Jialin became a teacher, his ray of hope soon faded. So I fell into deep pain.

She often hides behind the old locust tree on the riverside of their house, and stares blankly at the school. She watched Galin walk to the school from the path where the student baby stepped on the white glare; and watched him come to the village from that road ...

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