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1 dead and 3 injured! Guilin's tragic car accident, a van rolled over a 100-meter cliff

Information source: zjcMmKSrdR

According to netizens: On the evening of November 30, a traffic accident occurred between Shizhai Village, Zitian Village, Chetian County, Ziping County, Ziyuan County. A van fell over a cliff about tens of meters high.

According to netizens who broke the news, this section is an uphill section and a curved road. The weather has been bad recently with fog. The vehicle accidentally overturned a cliff while driving, the driver died on the spot, and three others were injured.

The injured person has been treated in the hospital and related follow-up matters are being processed.

The relevant cause of the accident is under further investigation, subject to the official announcement.

The car accident is fierce!

The weather has changed a lot recently, so be careful when driving!

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