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"Lacing elements", maybe Quan Zhilong's next wave of fire?

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Probably everyone is familiar with Quan Zhilong, right? Quan Zhilong's fashion power has always been good. Each time his style is very exaggerated and lovable. Recently, Quan Zhilong wants to bring a wave of fashion again. He loves the lace elements. There must be hope for lace elements, and don't forget to add lace elements to your hair, let's come to Kangkang!

I saw Quan Zhilong wearing a black printed woolen coat, looking particularly domineering, and then wearing a pair of blue-green wide-leg pants appeared very street-like, this time he wore the elements of the lace on his feet, he was wearing The yellow board shoes and the wide blue-green laces are particularly eye-catching and echo the pants, which is particularly stylish!

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