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Succulent Conservation | How can I save my succulent plant when the temperature drops sharply in winter?

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What to do if the succulents are frostbite? How to avoid and remedy?

Author: Jun flowers and trees

In my previous article on succulent, two articles talked about the inventory of succulent cold resistance and the reason for the low temperature discoloration of succulent. Let the meat friends know that many succulents are very cold-resistant, such as the Less meat can endure the severe cold, and some can even survive at -30 ° C; and others are discolored at low temperatures, so they appear gorgeous and colorful, very ornamental.

However, for most succulents, due to the thick and juicy nature of their rhizomes and leaves, which contain more water, their relative cold resistance is poor. Generally speaking, most succulents are at a safe temperature above 10 ° C, and some dormant phenomenon may occur, and frostbite may occur at 0 ° C-5 ° C, and below 0 ° C, many varieties may appear. Frostbite.

Butchers in the north are succulent and tend to move back to indoors in winter, while in the south they can be maintained outdoors because the temperature is rarely below 0 ° C. However, during the winter solstice, even in the south, severe weather will occur, especially in recent years. Abnormal weather often occurs in the south, such as sudden temperature drop, rain and snow, causing a sudden drop in temperature, which may result in fleshy management due to omissions Frostbite.

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