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"4 + 7" bid down and well-known pharmaceutical companies lay off sales teams

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Pharmacy.com reported on December 23 that Cypress Blue was exclusively informed that another well-known pharmaceutical company is abolishing its sales team-the affected products are very well-known in the country. The withdrawn sales team includes both the hospital and retail markets.

It is understood that the above-mentioned company's adjustment of the sales team was due to the company's new products not entering the Chinese market, and the fist products fell off at 4 + 7, which was affected by both policies and the market. The adjustment plan is to lay off 1/3 of the hospital team and 1/5 of the retail team. The compensation plan is currently under discussion.

In fact, after the 4 + 7 landing, many pharmaceutical companies were affected by policies and the market to make periodic adjustments to the sales team. The scope of the adjustment of the above-mentioned enterprises includes retail in addition to hospitals. It can be seen that the impact of 4 + 7 on the entire pharmaceutical industry is gradually becoming apparent and has spread to the retail sector.

Shaoyao Drug Stores Follow Up 4 + 7

On December 20th, the official pharmacy of the common people's pharmacy released a news saying that the selected products for the 4 + 7 quantity purchase will be settled in the common pharmacy of the people, "the same drug and the same price" as the hospital.

It is reported that, in addition to cities with 4 + 7 purchases, people's pharmacies in 22 provinces across the country, Hunan, Jiangsu, Gansu, Guangxi, Anhui, Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia, Hubei, Henan, Shandong, Hebei, Jiangxi, Ningxia, Fujian, Guizhou, 5000+ stores nationwide, such as Shanxi, will simultaneously execute the national bidding price.

In fact, before the common people's pharmacy, Yikang Medicine and Shuyu civilians have also officially issued notices to implement the 4 + 7 price selection.

Recently, Shuyu Civilian Pharmacy issued an announcement saying that 22 chain pharmacies can operate 22 centralized procurement products. From December 2019, Shuyu Civilian Pharmacy's more than 1,600 stores across the province will uniformly implement the price of nationally organized drug procurement. These products will be sold at the winning price and are being delivered to stores.

Earlier, Yikang Pharmaceutical also issued a notice, and Yikang Pharmaceutical's more than 1,300 stores in the province resolutely implemented the state-organized centralized drug procurement bid price. It is reported that through negotiation with the winning bidders, 14 winning bidders have been confirmed for sale, and the hospital has the same drug price. At present, Yikang Pharmaceutical is still working hard to negotiate more successful bidders.

The impact of 4 + 7 on the pharmaceutical industry is not only the industrial end, the distribution end, and the hospital end, but it has officially spread to the retail end.

▍Why follow up 4 + 7

In recent years, for hospitals and pharmacies, the phenomenon of "different prices for the same drug" has become increasingly serious.

With the continuous advancement of drug collection, volume purchase, GPO, etc., the prices of hospital drugs have continued to decline, but in retail pharmacies, the opposite has happened. Many drug prices have continued to rise this year.

Some pharmaceutical companies told Cypress Blue that according to the past, especially when the hospital has not cancelled the drug bonus, the price of the hospital is higher, and the price of the drug store is lower. The prices of many medicines sold in hospital channels are even low or close to the cost line. In recent years, with the advancement of centralized procurement, GPO, and national 4 + 7 belt procurement, the price gap between hospitals and pharmacies has become wider.

Especially after 4 + 7, the above problems are more prominent. It is understood that after the 4 + 7 pilot, few pharmaceutical companies have made it clear that the winning varieties have reduced their prices simultaneously in their cooperating chain pharmacies, with only a few. Many chain pharmacies said that they are actively contacting the pharmaceutical companies that have won the bid to reduce prices, but the attitudes of pharmaceutical companies are different. Therefore, at that time, many chain drugstores temporarily suspended the bidding products that had not been reduced in price.

After the expansion of 4 + 7, news came out from chain drug stores one after another, and the 4 + 7 selected products were listed, and the 4 + 7 prices were followed, which shows that large and medium-sized chains have a certain bargaining power, and it also reflects the industrial companies' retail market. Attention.

For the reason why retail pharmacies follow up with 4 + 7, Jia Xiaoqing, Purchasing Manager of the Retail Department of Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., told Cypress Blue that the purpose of follow-up is mainly to retain patients. After all, patients are king and they can stay for two times. Development. If you do not follow up or even clear out the 4 + 7 varieties, customers will return to the hospital in large numbers, and no one will have no future in the pharmacy.

He believes that following up on 4 + 7 is in response to national policies and also provides convenience services. It has little impact on the performance of retail pharmacies, because the profits of 4 + 7 are not enough to support the operation of retail pharmacies and the profits of retail pharmacies. The source must still be non-4 + 7 varieties.

▍ Impact on medical representatives

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, a 4 + 7 failed company is abolishing medical representatives, including retail teams. This example is a good example of the impact of 4 + 7 on medical representatives, especially retail representatives.

Earlier, the author had written that the 4 + 7 bid was not necessarily a good thing for the relevant drug generation. If the relevant pharmaceutical companies cannot effectively reduce clinical costs after winning the bid, the company will choose to streamline the sales team if the market sales have been guaranteed in advance. For the unsuccessful varieties, fierce fighting in a limited market, competition is increasingly day-to-day, and it may be a direction to move towards the layout of retail and third terminals.

From the current situation, the impact of 4 + 7 on the beginning of the retail market has begun to appear. With the continuous advancement of national belt purchases, more and more chain pharmacies will follow up with 4 + 7 and implement the "same drug and same price" for pharmaceutical pharmacies.

In addition, as of now, Guangdong, Shandong, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other provinces and cities have included medical insurance drugs in retail pharmacies into the provincial-level centralized procurement. With the push of medical insurance payment prices, medical insurance payment prices in hospitals and retail channels will be unified, which will greatly reduce the space for pharmaceutical companies to move to different markets. In the future, drug sales prices and profits in the retail market will also be further compressed.

Regarding this issue, Jia Xiaoqing said that since the 4 + 7 varieties are also medical insurance varieties, there should not be two delivery prices for medical institutions and drug stores. In addition, 4 + 7 varieties should not have a large number of sales teams to do it, because the sales team's personnel need to spend costs, where does the cost come from? The premium is definitely on the cost of supply, and this part is exactly what pharmaceutical companies need to adjust after 4 + 7.

By that time, retail pharmaceutical representatives will face tremendous challenges and pressures as well as hospital medical representatives.

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