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She is a Chinese sprint goddess. Controversial due to tattoos on "private" parts. Now 23 is charming

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China is a country with super sports strength. At the international sports events held every year, China can achieve good results in various events. Whether it is track and field, gymnastics, diving or swimming, Chinese athletes have never let people down. They come from ordinary families and have excellent sports talents. Most of them were exposed to sports training when they were very young. Some athletes were under 18 when they won the gold medal. Many young and promising players appeared. China Ge Manqi of the women's track and field team is one of them.

Ge Manqi is one of the most capable female track and field players. She was born in 1996. She grew up in a county in Fujian Province. She has been an active athlete since she was a child. She has determined to become an athlete, and Constantly strive to achieve the goal. In middle school, Ge Manqi was enrolled in a sports school in Fujian Province. The coach thought her physical condition was very suitable for sprinting. Ge Manqi listened to the coach's opinions. She began to focus on track and field sports. She was shortly afterwards because of her excellent physical conditions and sprint potential. The national track and field team was selected and became an official member.

When she entered the national team for the first time, Ge Manqi was very hard at training, so her speed and skills have improved greatly in a short time, and she has qualified for the Asian Youth Championship. It was also in the women's 100m final of the Asian Youth Championship that Ge Manqi became famous in the first battle, not only won the gold medal, but also left a deep impression on the audience. Ge Manqi also quickly became a core player of the national women's track and field team, and also served as the core player of the national women's track and field team. The captain's position led the team members to continuously refresh the record of the game, and made great contributions to the development of China's track and field career.

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