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Neighbourhood centre gathers warmth

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Our reporter Chen Huaxian

Whenever his family goes to work, Zhang Jingen, who is nearly 70 years old, will come to the Qingfeng Community Neighborhood Center located in Weima Fengshang District, Qingyunpu District, Nanchang City. He will read newspapers in the morning, dine at noon, and play chess and chat with three or two old friends in the afternoon. "Now besides exercising in the park, I will be in the neighborhood center. There are reading rooms, sports halls, and medical rooms. It makes me feel warm and my family is assured." Zhang Jingen is feeling the new changes in the community.

The neighborhood center mentioned by Zhang Jingen is the "1 + 5 + X" community neighborhood center explored in Qingyunpu District, which is mainly a neighborhood center, supporting five types of services: education, medical care, elderly care, business, and sports. The community creates service projects that meet the multi-level and diverse needs of citizens based on its own characteristics. At present, Qingyunpu District has established neighborhood centers in 8 mature communities, including Qingfeng Community, Qingying Community, and Jingxin Community, to solve the livelihood problems of community residents with personalized services.

On December 21st, the reporter came to the Qingfeng Community Neighborhood Center, which is a multi-functional service area with an area of about 1,300 square meters. In addition to the Pratt & Whitney Early Childhood Education, Community Convenience Stores, Comprehensive Cultural Activity Centers, Health Huts, and Home Care Centers, The center has created a children's reading room with 1,800 volumes of books in accordance with the increase in children, and invited the Nanchang Little Bee Volunteer Association to carry out public welfare classes such as Miao Miao picture book stories, fun English and parent-child education. At the same time, the City of Robotics Technology Center was also introduced, using LEGO Education to turn the Neighborhood Center into a children's playground.

Different from the Qingfeng community, the Qingying community cadres found that there are more elderly and elementary school students in the community. The elderly need day care, and the elementary school students need care during the winter and summer vacations. Qingying Community Neighbourhood Center, based on the actual needs, relies on social work services and social organization philanthropic venture capital projects-Ivy League Social Workers Service Agency, to set up a childlike school. Volunteers from the Ivy League Social Work Service will guide children to paint, play with plasticine, and build blocks on weekends or winter and summer vacations. At the same time, the Neighborhood Center introduced the Cixiaozhu Home Pension Social Organization to run a healthy hut, which regularly conducts medical testing services for the elderly, and provides on-site services such as meal assistance, walking assistance and cleaning assistance.

In the Jingxin community, the former dormitory of the Bayi linen mill was overcrowded due to lack of planning, and electric bicycles were parked at will, which was not safe and affected the citizens' travel. To this end, the Beijing Xinxin Neighborhood Center has launched a community party and mass service center. The collective affairs are negotiated by the representatives of the citizens. The first consultation result is the establishment of a party building theme park. At the same time, the center also set up electric bicycle parking lots, smart charging piles, smart book houses, etc. in the jurisdiction through market operation. As long as the WeChat scan, the public can charge and rent books for electric bicycles.

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