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James is injured, and the Giants will have a moment to fall!

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On December 23, Beijing, the 35-year-old James has battled for a long time this season. So far this season, he has averaged 25.9 points, 7.4 rebounds and 10.6 assists. The data can be called human tumblers. Although there is a steel body, the play can be limited to this. The long-term acceleration and instantaneous burst of power and confrontation make the veteran "a time when I can't bear loneliness."

James was injured in the game against the Pacers on Wednesday, but he still insisted on finishing that game, and after James played against the Bucks, James had a real chest muscle strain, such a huge body with such a huge chest, and eventually strained (Funny wave)!

None of the NBA stars are in complete health, and there will be more or less injuries, but this injury has not reached the league, that is, the non-health status of the team doctors can not play, and they can get 100 per season. There are only a handful of battles that can earn a lot of money, and it is difficult to spend all of your life. From slums and even ordinary families to jump to the top of the life pyramid, but they have gained so many, even some people get injuries but only only Handful of money! So there is gain and loss.

Today, the Lakers officially announced that James was absent for the first time this season. Wish Lao Zhan a speedy recovery! !! !!

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