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Guogou Village, Jiujing Town held the third "filial piety culture festival" and commendation ceremony for moral models

Information source: NxQyBTdKwq

Original Title: The Third "Filial Culture Festival" and Moral Model Commendation Conference Held in Guogou Village, Jiujing Town

On December 23, Guogou Village of Jiujing Town held the 3rd "filial piety culture festival" and ethical model commendation conference.

During the event, the participants sang "No New China without the Communist Party", and commended the selected "good daughter-in-law", "good mother-in-law", "civilized and healthy households", "glorious households for poverty alleviation", "excellent communist members" "Excellent Village Medical Worker". Volunteers performed wonderful drama programs, and the medical staff of the town health center measured blood pressure, measured blood sugar for villagers, and promoted health poverty alleviation policies. The village's 60-year-olds and older people gathered together for a good dinner, warm words of blessing, and thank the party for its good policies. The caring people in the village also distributed condolences such as pure milk and eggs to each household.

The holding of the event further enhanced the people's sense of well-being, laid a good foundation for Guogou Village to win the battle against poverty, and to realize the revitalization of the beautiful countryside.

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