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Top stars in pink skirts, Yang Mi is senior, Zhao Liying is immortal, and Li Li Jingjing is hard to distinguish.

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There are many female artists in the entertainment industry, and all of them are not bad. Although they are all harmonious on the surface, women are better than each other in private. If you want to see them more beautiful in front of the camera, you have to compare the clothes when you participate in the event. The beauty of the traffic actress Yang Mi in the entertainment industry is obvious to everyone, as are Zhao Liying, Tong Liya and other stars. What kind of "chemical reaction" would these goddess actresses wear similar pink skirts? Come and see with me!

Fans must know that Yang Mi has a pair of long legs, and Yang Mi can still feel the charm of long legs in a pink midi dress. The fabric of the skirt is a bit stiffer, so it looks very stylish overall. The design of the skirt waist can set off Yang Mi's A4 waist, and it can also enhance the waist line to play a role of lengthening the legs. This one looks absolutely advanced, coupled with the same color bright high-heeled shoes, the temperament of the goddess immediately appeared.

In recent years, Gulina Zha, which has been on fire in recent years, is also a little fairy who loves matching. She can show her youthful vitality in a red dress. The design of the flowers on the skirt enhances the sense of girlhood, and it looks like a fairy of flowers falling from the earth.

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