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Dragon Ball Super: After Broly, Vegeta's original power awakens, super green form coming soon

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In the Japanese anime "Dragon Ball Super" manga, starting from the "Galactic Patrol Prisoner", the newly released characters Myers and Mo Luo have attracted much attention. The Mo Wang Mo Luo has been a villain for ten million years and is very powerful. By virtue of his ability to absorb energy, Mo Luo defeated Sun Wukong and Vegeta many times.

And Myers hides deeper. From the perspective of Myers' performance, everyone only guessed that Myers is not simple, but did not guess that Myers is an angel. In the beginning of the plot of this chapter, Myers Easily stunned Vegeta and Sun Wukong, dissatisfied many Dragon Ball fans, and felt that the combat effectiveness collapsed. A random character can easily defeat Sun Wukong and Vegeta, thinking that there is a problem. Now that I know that Myers is an angel, Now, everyone should have no complaints.

Regarding the rules of the angel family, Weiss told Sun Wukong that all the people of the angel family cannot participate in the battles between the universes. If any angel destroys the principle, it will disappear, and disappear without a trace, that is, dead. This statement breaks the previous setting that mentioned that the angels would not die. Weiss mentioned that this was the only situation where people of the angel family disappeared, because the people of the angel family were originally such beings.

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