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Original Kamen Rider 01: Alien No. 1 was perverted, with spider legs all over his body, and King Zero one kicked

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Original title: Kamen Rider 01: Heterosexian 1 was perverted, and his legs were covered with spider legs.

Alien No. 1 should be regarded as a true old-fashioned "strange person", and friends who are familiar with the "Kamen Rider" series must all know that this guy is the true geek ancestor of "Kamen Rider". However, in "Kamen Rider Zero-One" theatrical version, the strength of Alien 1 is more powerful. Not only that, this guy can also be said to be a "perverted" existence, not only integrated with the motorcycle, the key is that the whole body is also full of spider legs, just looking at the shape will feel more scary. Because of this, in the theater version, Alien 1 is completely a Boss-level weird. Therefore, the president of shrimp dumplings alone cannot defeat him. Although most fans have not yet seen the theater version, but from the information revealed, the ending of Alien No. 1 has been defeated.

This time there will be at least two weirdoes in the theater version. One is "Xenotype 1", which is the "big coffee" on the left side of the picture above. The other is "heterogeneous 01", which is the heterogeneous knight in the middle above. Alien 01 is well understood. Due to the emergence of time robbers, flying power or human knight power is captured. In the end, the president of shrimp dumplings was unable to transform into Kamen Rider 01, and later borrowed the "Extinction Drive" to transform into Kamen Rider 001 to fight. As the originator of the alien locust knight, Alien 1 is well qualified to become a powerful boss.

From the current intelligence point of view, the alien No. 1 has a cool shape and is relatively large. But in the play, Alien No. 1 is not presented in the form of a leather case, it is also represented by CG special effects. Although the battle scene sometimes looks a bit fake, the heterogeneous No. 1 does change to the (ba) state (qi). In the picture, we can see that the heterogeneous No. 1 will still have morphological deformation during battle. When deformed, he was covered with spider legs, giving a thrilling look, but the overall shape was also very cool. In the picture, there are two knights flying the alien number 1, they are the little devil Zhuangwu and the shrimp dumpling locust.

In the "Kamen Rider Zero-One" show, the special effects of the big move are subtitle scrolling. Therefore, the eating method of the heterogeneous No. 1 was also exposed in advance. In the end, Kamen Rider King and Kamen Rider Zero were "fitted" to perform a combined knight kick. After that, the heterogeneous No. 1 kicked out. Having said that, the heterogeneous No. 1 is destined to be sold, after all, the model doll has already come out. For fans, this is a freak worthy of collection. After all, it is the "originator" of the locust knight. It is also very valuable to think about it. So do you like this "perverted" weirdo full of spider legs? Come on and say what you think.

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