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"Rongrong Media + Big Government Affair" demonstration leads Panlong Rongrong's media construction pilot experience praised

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Original title: "Finance Media + Big Government Affair" Demonstration Leads Panlong Rongmedia's Pilot Experience in Construction

A few days ago, a group of 25 people from the PetroChina Southwest Pipeline Company visited the Panlong District Rongmedia Center for a visit and exchange. After fully understanding the working mechanism and operation of the Rongrong Media Center, the group visited the Panlong Rongrong Media construction. The advanced work experience summed up by the pilot exploration has raised a "thumb" ... and this is just one of the silhouettes that the Panlong District Media Center has won praise from many parties this year.

Clicked on a "capital" like "again

During the day's visit and exchange, a 25-member delegation from the PetroChina Southwest Pipeline Branch came to the Rong Media Center in Panlong District and visited the visual panlong studio, cultural corridor, and media literacy training base in the Rong Media Center. And through discussions and exchanges, he heard the introduction of the director of the District Financial Media Center on the construction and experience highlights of the Panlong District Financial Media Center, and learned more about the Panlong District's "collection, editing, reviewing and issuing integrated system", "publicity and public opinion big data analysis platform". "And the" Cloud Rong Panlong "APP and other platforms, as well as media matrix integration management, news acquisition, scheduling, public opinion collection, analysis and disposition in Panlong District.

After the exchange, the visiting group highly recognized and affirmed the advanced working mechanism and experience highlights explored and summarized by Panrong District's Rong media construction, and "clicked a big" like ".

A good demonstration of advanced experience highlights

It is understood that Panlong District is a pilot county and district of “Finance Media + Big Government Affairs” in Yunnan Province, and is also the first batch of pilot counties and districts in the construction of media in Kunming. Since the construction of the financial media center in Panlong District in January 2019, it has actively promoted the technological upgrading of the financial media platform, carried out basic space transformation, and created a working mechanism and institutional system suitable for the development of financial media. From the aspects of technology research and development, technical support, content distribution, media asset sharing, etc. to the district media center to enable all-round empowerment, help the media center to form a rich media channel, a wide coverage, effective communication, a manageable and controllable media communication matrix The advanced working mechanism and experience highlights that have been explored and summarized have formed a good demonstration role in the city, and have attracted various county and district units to come to the field for exchanges and studies.

Since 2019, the media literacy training base in Panlong District has received visits and guidance from relevant provincial and municipal leaders five times, five times in Wuhua District, Guandu District, Yiliang County, Luquan County, and Shilin County to observe and study; and to organize a cultural and ideological system The "Four Forces" theme education training course has 4 sessions, which has consolidated and expanded the grassroots public opinion positions, and has played a leading role in the construction of Kunming Rong Media Center.

Will fully promote the construction of "media integration + big government affairs"

From May to October 2019, the Propaganda Department of the Panlong District Party Committee took the lead in holding four “Four Forces” themed education training courses at the District Rongrong Media Center, and organized more than 70 departments, street and community information workers in the district to participate in the training. The use of photography basics, short video shooting, news editing, public opinion communication and public opinion communication, innovation and development of government affairs application, production and operation of new government affairs media content, WeChat acquisition and editing, integrated media acquisition, editing, review and approval integrated system and applet application, county level Professional knowledge such as the construction and operation of financial media centers, and the practical operation of the county-level financial media center integrated management service platform were studied, and the promotion and launching capabilities of the various levels and departments in the region were continuously improved at multiple levels.

In the next step, the Panlong District Media Center will also serve as an important part of the "Beijing Road Urban Grassroots Party Building Corridor", and will act as a "model base" for major decisions such as "party control ideology, party management propaganda, and party management media" Deploy appliances with detailed details and modular work, systematically display and reflect, and use strong news and information support to fully promote the construction of "media integration + big government affairs + services".

Kunming Daily Full Media Reporter: Hu Yaoyuan

Editor: Yang Yan Fu Yali

Editor-in-Chief: Shi Min

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