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"I order you to return the money!" The police yelled, and the liar obediently returned 16,000 yuan to the migrant workers.

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Chutian Metropolis Daily, December 23 (Reporter Li Qing correspondent Zhang Zuhua Huang Hao) "This is the hard-earned money of migrant workers, I order you to return it quickly!" "I understand not, I ordered you for the last time!" This is Wuhan Railway Police officer Jiang Kunpeng called angrily to scold the scammer. Forced by a huge deterrent, the scammer's psychological defense line finally collapsed, and the money received from a construction worker was returned in full.

On December 21, Wuhan Rail Police received a call from construction worker Chang Mou, claiming that he had been defrauded by the Internet by 16,000 yuan. After receiving the police, Jiang Junpeng asked Chang Mou to stabilize the other party, but not to transfer money. It is understood that at 11:00 on December 20, Changmou received a call from a male customer service claiming to be a small loan company in Tianjin, and the other party asked whether Changmou needed funds. Considering that there is still a loan to be repaid, Changmou indicated that he wanted to borrow 40,000 yuan. Changmou added WeChat according to the instructions of the other party, sent personal and bank card information, and then took a photo of the ID card for verification, and signed a "contract" directly on the mobile phone.

Police and "customer service" WeChat chat history

According to the customer service, according to the requirements, the loan account must have 40% of the loan amount in order to disburse the loan, and the enthusiastic Changma borrowed 16,000 yuan from a friend to deposit in his bank card to prove that he has "Pay back ability". After saving money successfully, Changmou received a verification code on his mobile phone. In order to get the loan as soon as possible, he sent the verification code to the other party without thinking, and Changmou received a notice of being transferred away within 1 minute. At this time, Chang did not know that he had been taken away by a liar, but joined the microfinance company's "financial group" as required. The "staff" in the group told him: The 16,000 yuan that was removed would be The loan amount was received together, and a vague photo of the check was sent to Changmou, saying that the account could be received in the fastest 2 hours.

Chang Mou waited until the morning of December 21st, and still did not receive the loan account information, then contacted customer service with WeChat. The other party also said that Chang Mou account did not open the check transfer receiving function, and needed to remit money with their company to lend. At this time, he became alert and called the police.

After Jiang Yanpeng understood the details, he reported the loan company's transfer account to the Wuhan Anti-Telecommunications Network Fraud Center, while using WeChat provided by Chang to communicate with the scammers, but the scammers still requested to continue remittances.

Jiang Kunpeng dialed the "customer service" phone with Chang's mobile phone to make sure his identity, and the other party was dubious. Jiang Yanpeng sternly scolded "Don't talk nonsense, I now order you to return the money" "The police have found your account", and the phone started to be silent.

"I told the other party clearly that the public security organ had opened a case for investigation, but the scammer was still lucky," Jiang said. After hanging up the phone, he took a photo of himself in police uniform. The badge and siren can be clearly seen on it. Send it over using WeChat of Changmou. At this time, the scammer was still arguing that "funds are not in hand" and "refunds need to be applied." Jiang Kunpeng started legal publicity and education. A few minutes later, the scammer's psychological defense line collapsed, and he agreed to return the fraudulent money. return.

Police reminder: online credit has risks, it is best to choose a regular financial institution. When selecting an online loan platform, if you encounter a direct or disguised request to pay the "pre-loan fee", please be alert. Fraud may exist. Deceive, try to remember each other's bank account number, dial 110 as soon as possible to report the alarm.

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