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Children do not understand time management and procrastination becomes a habit. Parents recognize these 3 points and let children get out of procrastination.

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◆ At 6:00 in the morning, the corridor started to be lively.

Kang Kang's conversation with his mother

Mom: Kangkang, hurry up, you will be late if you don't get up, then the teacher scolds you and I can ignore it!

Kang Kang: Can I sleep for another ten minutes, there are really ten minutes. Don't keep urging me!

Mom: Get up, get up in ten minutes!

Kang Kang: Sleep for another five minutes!

But when the child woke up, it was already twenty minutes later, and he had to get up and wash his rice, and left without even eating!

◆ At 18:00 in the afternoon, the children talk about a day of study.

Obviously conversation with mother:

Mom: Why haven't you done your homework yet? Why did you go to watch TV again? Is the TV so good? Look at you, what did you do when you came back one day? After saying five o'clock to do the homework, it was another hour.

Obviously: Don't say anything, I will start writing now, and you will be a "chucky old lady" one day. If you are not procrastinating, would I say you? I'm not ready to write anymore. I will be criticized again by the teacher tomorrow.

An hour has passed ...

Mom: What did you just say, why did n’t you move? Do you think you're procrastinating? If you are so lazy, how do you test for key universities later? Do you have a way out in the future?

Obviously: Are you annoyed, these assignments can be written tomorrow. What's wrong with me? Moreover, I have my own plan, you don't care about me.

Mom: Planning is always planning. I ca n’t finish writing today or tomorrow, but I wo n’t finish it tomorrow. When can you finish it?

Does the above scene have a feeling of acquaintance? It is believed that when many parents take care of their children, the most headache is that children like to delay, they always do things out of common sense, and they are also very self-disciplined.

No matter how many times I speak in my ears, the child still likes to grind, and even has the feeling of "immortal without the Yellow River", and he will never feel urgency until the last second.

In fact, children always think that they have a lot of time, but in the thoughts of their parents, a warning of "time is like a shuttle" is sounded.

When parents see that their children are wasting time, they will choose this way to educate their children. In serious cases, they will also educate their children with sticks. But parents must be aware that sometimes stick education does not play any role. Instead, it may cause some harm to the child.

01. Why do children like to delay?

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