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The buds of Schlumbergera fall off when touched? Is this sick? Teach you 3 tricks, open one by one

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Many friends say that their own crab claw orchids are good everywhere, and they just love the buds. In fact, this is often seen. There are many varieties of crab claw orchids with different colors. Its flowering period is between December and February and March. If it is not usually maintained, the buds will easily crack and fall. To the following situations;

First, the newly purchased crab claw orchid

The newly purchased crab claw orchids are uniformly cultivated in the greenhouse, and the environmental control is particularly good. If the environment is not adapted to the home, it is easy to drop the flower bag in the moving position. Don't move in one place, and bask in the sun until it has finished blooming. The connection between its buds and leaves is particularly fragile. Once shaken, it will easily crack and fall.

Second, too much watering

Cinnamomum cactaceae is a plant of the cactaceae family that does not like water. It can be watered if the pot soil is dried. If it is constantly watered, the soil is continuously wet and the root system is damaged. It affects the absorption of water and nutrients, and it is easy to crack The flower package, so the correct way to maintain the crab claw orchid is to dry the pot soil and water it. If you don't know how to use it, insert it with a bamboo stick. When you want to water it, pull it out and take a look at it. You can grasp it at a glance. Watering time

Third, feel free to change basins

The newly-purchased crab claw orchid is full of flower buds. Do not change pots. If you change pots frequently, the root system will also be damaged, slow seedling time, insufficient nutrient supply, and easy to drop buds. Wait until flowering is complete before changing it.

As long as you keep the claw orchid in your hands, bask in the sun, dry the pot soil, and then water it. Do not move the position, you can ensure that it blooms smoothly, repair the residual flowers after blooming, and then apply compound fertilizer to let it Restore the thickness of the leaves, and you can bloom another flower.

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