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Xinhua Lian's chairman re-opened to assist public security investigation

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On December 23, Capital News, Xinhualian (000620.SZ) announced that the company had recently learned that the company ’s chairman and president Su Bo was assisting the investigation by the public security agency due to personal problems, and the relevant matters were yet to be further confirmed by the public security agency.

Xinhualian held the 21st meeting of the Ninth Board of Directors on December 22, 2019, reviewed and approved the Proposal on the Removal of the Chairman of the Company and the Proposal on the Re-appointment of the President of the Company, and agreed to remove the Soviet Union. The position of Chairman Bo and the re-appointment of the company's president, he no longer holds any position in the company and does not hold company shares. At present, the company's production and operation activities are normal and unaffected, and the company's board of directors and management will ensure that the company operates normally.

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