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After the original 3 losing streak, it won 4-3 and won 6-1. Champions League kicks crazy, Manchester United rivals emerge

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Original title: 4-3 wins after 3 consecutive defeats, and 6-1 victory! Champions League kicks crazy, Manchester United rivals emerge

A 6-1 victory, this game may be the best performance of the Champions League giant Ajax after the pain, and indeed it is. Why is it called the pain? In the past, the state of Ajax has fluctuated, since the beginning of December After losing 0-2 to William II, he suffered a 0-1 loss to Valencia in the Champions League and was defeated by the Champions League. After that, he lost to Alkmaar 0-1 in the league, making the league leaderboard also opponents. Tied.

After a 3-game losing streak, Ajax also seemed to be awakened. Then, the away game of the league against the Telstar team, in the case of backwardness, achieved a big reversal 4-3, followed by the closing game in 2019. In the face of the relegation team The Hague, Ajax completely kicked crazy, winning 6-1 over opponents. Due to the defeat of Alkmaar, the biggest rival in the league, this caused Ajax to leave the league standings again. Opponents, arrogant.

After the three-game losing streak ended, Ajax broke out in an all-round way. In this 6-1 game, the front court attacked the Tridents very sharply, especially Vanderbike, despite having suffered three ball shortages before. , But soon scored a goal in this fourth game, what's even more gratifying is that after Vanderbike or continued De Jong and Derricht, 1 player was dug out by the top 5 European league giants, from the outside world According to the breaking news, La Liga giants Real Madrid are interested in Van Der Beek, but it is still under observation. If Van Der Beck wants to impress Real Madrid's senior executives, it is obviously not limited to playing in the Dutch League, but also in the UEFA Cup Performance appears.

Although Ajax was eliminated by Valencia and missed the promotion to the UEFA Champions League in 16 games, but entered the UEFA Cup with the advantage of the group's third advantage. As it is the evergreen of the Champions League, Ajax also scored last season. After finishing in the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals, after falling to the UEFA Cup, Ajax has also become one of the three most popular titles. There are also two teams, Sevilla in La Liga and Manchester United in the Premier League. In terms of strength, Ajax and Manchester United are more optimistic. For Manchester United, the biggest rival of the UEFA Champions League is undoubtedly Ajax.

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