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Flight protection cannot be "brutely", it must be beneficial to agricultural production

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Do fly protection plant protection methods, which are always beneficial to agricultural production

Flight protection cannot be "brutely", method skills are important

The "mice" who refuse to do flying plant protection must be beneficial to agricultural production

Plant protection drone

I. Status of market development of flying plant protection

The flight defense business is in full swing. It is not only a good opportunity to make money, but also brings great convenience to the agricultural plant protection work, making the work of the plant protection industry more efficient and rapid. It is the strong demand in the market that has made more and more people engaged in the flight protection plant protection industry. There have been many large and small flight defense teams, starting with one spray and three defenses of wheat, followed by the control of corn, cry, and rice. The market potential of flying plant protection is still very large.


However, in this large and small flying defense team, there are many small flying defense teams that are unorganized and inexperienced. They lack experience in flying defense operations and do not have guidance from professional plant protection personnel. They cannot play a role in the control of crop diseases and insect pests. The effect is just blindly reaching out to farmers' friends for money. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a flight protection plant protection team. The flight protection plant protection work does not need to be “hard-working”, but only needs to be “refinedly done”. When there are diseases and insect pests, a corresponding flight protection plant protection plan should be formulated to suit the situation and develop effective measures. Prevention measures.

The future of flying

Many people think that being a pilot is very profitable. Of course, the market potential of the pilot is great, and at the same time, the responsibilities are great. The farmers give you the money and trust you as well. Flying pilots must not only perform flight defense operations but also cooperate with effective plant protection schemes to do a good job in unified control and domination. Of course, working as a flying hand is also very hard. I have to go to the countryside to withstand the wind and the sun, so all the gains are proportional to the effort. Pay tribute to every hard-working flying hand!

Fourth, how to do flying plant protection?

If you want to do a good flight plant protection, at least the following things should be clear:

1. To formulate an effective plant protection plan, it is necessary to choose medicines and control the use of medicines according to local conditions, such as crops and geographical conditions;

2. There must be perfect standards for flight defense operations, including the evaluation of the operating environment (wind, temperature, crop growth, spray amount);

3. Evaluation of operation effect, return visits on site to detect the control effect of plant diseases and insect pests;

4. Determine standards and specifications for large-scale operations;

5. There is a standardized flight defense team, and flight defense operations are more secure.

V. I Love Feifei Defense Alliance Advantage

I love the Feifei Defense Alliance. I have gathered a lot of experienced pilots from all over the world. We all have the same dream and must contribute to the plant protection work. At the same time, I love Feifei Defense Alliance also provides employment guidance for everyone. If you have work, you can earn money. The most important thing is that we have professional plant protection experts to give you guidance on flying defense work, so that flying protection can be more effective. I like and trust the farmers!

I love the flying defense alliance. Not only these advantages, we also have the right to speak in the field of flying defense additives. The flying defense additives we represent-Yi Di Di, originated from Momentive in the United States, and the flying defense effect is guaranteed. It can solve a series of problems such as evaporation, drift, loss, non-adhesion and permeation and absorption in flight defense operations at one time, and greatly improve the safety, stability and pesticide utilization of flight defense operations!

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