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Nie Weiping: Change the channel when the national football is terrible, don't blow yourself away too much

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The national football is really worse year by year, it seems that Fan Zhiyi's famous scene seems to be realized. As everyone knows, in addition to chess skill, Nie Weiping is also a football enthusiast. He is also very concerned about football, especially Chinese football. After all, this is his own child. Recently, when Nie Weiping attended an event, he talked about the national football again.

During the event, Nie Weiping was asked if he still watched Chinese football. Nie always showed no mercy, and now he barely watched it. He sometimes changed the channel when he saw the national football tragedy. Go on.

Nie Weiping then added: When the East Asian Cup lost, I saw that our news propaganda kind of encouraged me, and said it was a pity. When I saw it, I felt that there were no problems in entering two or three. So we Chinese football, don't blow ourselves too fast.

In addition, Nie Lao also talked about the problem of naturalization. Domineering said that Go does not need to be naturalized because the highest level of professional players in the Chinese Go Association does not require naturalization.

As for the naturalization of the national football team, it is said that Chinese football can be naturalized into super good players, although it is very good. But I heard that during the match, the foreign naturalized player. The Chinese team members did not pass him the ball because they were too good. The other is that the level has dropped a lot after naturalization, and these have dropped very sharply. It turned out that when Evergrande's Elkson first came to China, he was a very powerful striker. However, in the Chinese national team participated in many games, not a single goal, the performance is also very average, it is estimated to be dyed by the Chinese dye tank.

I have to say that Nie Lao really dare to say that he criticized the Chinese men's football without mercy. Nie Weiping is the Taishan Beidou of the Chinese Go community. He has won numerous championships. In 1982, he was awarded nine sections by the Chinese Go Association. In the 1-4th China-Japan Go tournament, it won 11 consecutive victories, which had a profound impact on the popularity of Go in mainland China.

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