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Jingjing Ju appeared in a burgundy dress and combined fashion and sexy, it was really beautiful

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Ju Jingyu, a Chinese idol group SNH48, was once called "the first beauty in 4,000 years" by the media. Later, she graduated with honors from the group due to her outstanding performance. In recent years, she has deeply plowed into the field of drama and has appeared in many hit TV series "The Legend of Yun Xi" and "The Legend of the New White Lady" which are quite popular in China. However, some people say that acting skills are not good. However, Ju Jingying's dress can indeed be used for reference by the little fairies.

7Four thousand years of beauty is really mature, is already a strong cold beauty. Stand out from the crowd of female stars, femininity and exquisiteness in a smile, no matter in terms of style or aura, Ju Jingying is the best in the audience today, like a queen above.

Ju Jingying, wearing a burgundy dress to participate in the event, has good eyes and is full of spirits. Like a magnificent young lady, there is a touch of sexy in the nobleness, and it looks so charming!

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