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On the surface, Wei Zheng was upright, but in fact he left a booklet "Calculation". After his death, he was excavated by Li Shimin.

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As the saying goes, companionship is like a companion tiger. This sentence means that everyone who accompanies the king must be careful not to say wrong things or to do wrong things. Ministers of all dynasties have been doing this for centuries in order to defend their black hats.

In the Tang Dynasty, a man suddenly feared not to anger the emperor, bluntly speaking to the emperor at the risk of being killed, and spent his entire life as the emperor's mirror. But what was unexpected was that in order to fight the emperor's abacus, he left a booklet before he died, causing the emperor to find someone to dig his grave.

What exactly is in the booklet he left? Why is the emperor so angry after seeing it?

Pictures from the Internet: The Emperor saw the booklet

We all know that feudal dynasties have established official positions to record the words and deeds of the emperor, so the emperors had to pay attention to their actions. In this context, more and more emperors are willing to listen to the minister's words.

Tang Shizong Li Shimin of the Tang Dynasty can be said to be a class representative from Cong Ruliu. No matter what the officials said during his reign, he never refuted.

Four years of Zhengguan, 30-year-old Li Shimin suddenly ordered all the best craftsmen to renovate the Luoyang palace in Sui Dynasty for the purpose of entertainment.

The order was just issued, and a spokesman named Zhang Xuansu hurriedly stopped it. He told Li Shimin that renovating the palace to hurt the people would not have any meaning to the country. While others were worried that the emperor was angry, Li Shimin smiled and accepted the speech and took back his order.

Picture: Zhang Xuansu, the official, made a speech to Li Shimin

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