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In the era of cloud gaming, what kind of fate will the former top three games encounter?

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The soul game "Wolf" finally defeated rivals such as "Nintendo Super Smash Bros. 2" and won this year's TGA (The Game Awards) game award of the year. .

The summit of "The Wolf" can be regarded as a recognition of the spirit of the soul series for many years in the game industry. In addition to compliments, players aside from the regrets of the "Brawl", they also began to look forward to the next generation of games, after all, the new generation of Xbox Series X and PS 5 will be available next Christmas holiday next year. While Microsoft showed the design of the Xbox Series X on TGA, Sony also showed off its new work "GodFall" that will appear on PS 5.

In addition to the lively console games, cloud games are always an obstacle that cannot be bypassed regarding the future of the game market. Players are looking forward to the arrival of the new generation of hardware, and are curious about the familiar but slightly unfamiliar thing about cloud gaming. With the advent of 5G, cloud gaming is no longer out of reach for players.

What the "cloud" of cloud games upends

5G is an extremely important time for gaming hardware or software companies. Subdivided into the game field, what killer applications can 5G technology bring to the market? Although no one can give the final answer yet, cloud games have been mentioned the most.

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