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Toshio Suzuki: Ghibli's new work is only 15%, but Hayao Miyazaki will create until the last second of his life

Information source: CNnXBpPFxG

In the past two years, there have been many animation masterpieces in the cinema market in China, such as "One Piece: Fever", "Frozen 2", "Spider-Man: Parallel Universe" and so on. Great progress has been made in China.

But to be honest, in addition to being able to see the rise of Guo Man, such as "Nazi", "Luo Xiaohei", etc. in the past two years, the most memorable ones are two "old works". The introduction of one-One is My Neighbor Totoro at the end of last year, and the other is Spirited Away in the middle of this year. One was 30 years apart, and the other was nearly 20 years old. Even so, both works have achieved great box office results.

Without a doubt, this is the charm of Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki. Every animation created by Miyao Miya (such as "City in the Sky", "Valley of the Wind", "Ghost Princess", etc.), they can always penetrate the barrier of time, hanging high above the crown of human film history.

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