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Original Stealing Dragon to Phoenix? Pregnant woman steals baby from home after miscarriage: I have a baby

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Near the end of the year, there was so much news about sand sculptures. No, a pregnant woman had done the ridiculous act of stealing a baby in order not to let her family know that she had an abortion. Secretly taking home a baby girl who was born 5 days ago and telling it was a child she gave birth to deceive her family to conceal the truth. .

On December 21, a woman named Yang from Tongren, Guizhou, was arrested by the police on suspicion of stealing a baby. When she was arrested, she was lying in bed pretending to be a mother.

According to the police handling the case, Yang suffered a miscarriage due to an accident during the third month of pregnancy, but he did not dare to tell his family that he was afraid of being blamed by his family. On December 19, he encountered an accidental encounter with his mother, Liu, at a hospital checkup. Let her have a crazy idea.

In a chat with Liu, Yang learned that she had just given birth to a daughter, and then thought that if she had no miscarriage, she should have reached the pre-diagnosis period, so she had the idea of stealing the baby back as her own child. The emergence of mad growth is irresistible, so Yang began to operate after learning Liu's home address and contact party.

On December 21st, Yang came to Liu's house and lied that he wanted to rent a house and that his mobile phone had no electricity and needed to be charged. He stayed in Liu's house for several hours. In the meantime, while Liu was sleeping with her baby girl, she secretly took the five-year-old baby girl in her bag and brought it home, and public surveillance filmed Yang's behavior clearly along the way.

Yang, who returned home, arranged his home, pretending that he had just given birth to a child, and then notified his family Xixun. However, Skynet was restored and did not leak, so Yang, who had stolen the children home so much, never thought of meeting. Was it found and captured by the police?

In less than 2 hours, the police appeared in front of Yang, and at this time, Yang was still lying in bed immersed in the condition of pretending to be a mother.

Yang's family quickly learned the truth, the child was stolen, and his own child was long gone. Yang also paid a heavy price for his actions, and has been detained by the police.

As the saying goes: After losing his wife and losing his soldiers, this sentence is really relevant to Yang, just because of an absurd idea flashing in his mind, he sent himself to prison. Yang can be said to be the end of 2019 The most sand sculptured thief.

Just as Yang's family, there is also an inescapable responsibility in this matter. As a pregnant Yang, obviously there is always tremendous pressure on the child's abortion, otherwise it will not be ridiculous to steal children. From the process of stealing her child, it can be seen that she is not a real thief. The whole process is full of loopholes, and she was completely blinded by her child's mind before she made a mistake.

However, as an adult, it is clear that we have to take responsibility for every act we have done. If we violate the law, we will not escape the legal sanctions. But in this case alone, the mother-to-be, Yang, is obviously sad and pathetic. If the family is more caring, maybe she won't get to where she is today.

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