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This place in Nanning is beautiful and magical, but there are three colors in the same Tan water?

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Original title: This place in Nanning is beautiful and magical, but there are three colors in the same Tan water?

There are countless beautiful places in Guangxi, including Yintan in Beihai, Chongzuo Detian Waterfall, Sanniang Bay in Qinzhou, etc. These places believe that many Guangxi people check in. However, there is a place in Guangxi that many people have never been to. This place has a new height, but there are three colors in the same Tan water. The scenic spot is as beautiful as a paradise!

This place is the magical Luobo Lake. Luobo Lake is located 22 kilometers east of the city of Wuming District under the jurisdiction of Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The quiet Luobotan in the mountains is rarely disturbed.

Luobotan is divided into several places, namely Toutan, Ertan, and Santan. These three places have different water colors. The water in Toutan is dark blue, Ertan is light blue, and Santan is Light blue, looking down from the side of the pool, the three colors are superimposed, adding a bit of mystery to Luobotan.

The trees around Luobo Lake are shaded by trees. There are small islands in the lake. The island is covered with trees and strange rocks. The combination of the islands creates a natural beauty. It is even more amazing that in the rainy season every year, no matter how heavy the rain is, Luo The water in the wave pool will never overflow, and the dry season will not recede. People speculate that "there must be a spring eye below".

Some people have also explored the water depth of Luobotan, the deepest can reach 40 meters, but how deep it is, there is still no accurate statement.

Are you in such a beautiful place?

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