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The injured hyena fell into the water, and his companion continued to bite without help after watching it.

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Will you "love each other" with your friends? Of course, this "love and kill" is to say that each other is joking and black, but not really fighting. Colleagues say that he often "loves and kills" with his friends, because it has become a kind of relationship between them. The mode of getting along, in fact, it seems that the mode of getting along with some animals in the animal world is like this. Take the hyenas that people hate very much, the relationship between hyenas can be said to be very funny.

No, on the African grasslands, a hyena was injured by encountering a lion while preying on a companion. Just after the two hyenas successfully escaped from the lion's attack, the two hyenas fled to a river. On the side, just before the river, the injured hyena fell into the water and showed the longing look and asked his companion for help, but the companion ’s actions after seeing the hyena made people laugh.

The companion silently walked into the water after seeing the grievance of the hyena, but it did not help the injured hyena, but instead took a bite at the injured hyena's face, and seemed to express his dissatisfaction and expression of not capturing food. The meaning of letting the injured hyena stand up by itself, and the injured hyena showed an incredible look and painful expression after being suddenly bitten, and it looked really funny.

Stimulated by the companion's bite, the injured hyena stood up from the water and wanted to chase the companion back. The companion hurriedly ran away after seeing the injured hyena standing up, and the injured hyena was in its He kept chasing behind him, completely forgetting that he couldn't stand up when he fell into the water after being injured.

Such two hyenas who are in love and kill each other are really too funny. After watching it, people said that maybe the companion was to make the injured hyena stand up by itself, so it was done intentionally. After all, sometimes stimulation is very useful. Does this way of getting along with two hyenas make you think that hyenas actually have a cute side?

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