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Tongzhi University Affiliated Cunzhi School Settled in High-tech Zone, Xianyang

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"Looking at Xianyang": On the morning of December 21, the public meeting of Xianyang High-tech Cunzhi School of Cunzhi School affiliated to Tongji University was held in the China-Korea Industrial Park in the high-tech zone. Marking a vision of "Tongji world, high aspirations", a new school with Shanghai-based teaching management concept of "quality education + characteristic education", equipped with first-class teachers, first-class facilities, and first-class management will take root in our city and open A new chapter in the development of education in our city provides a better choice for our city's quality education. In September 2020, the first batch of new students will settle in.

Gaoxin Cunzhi School, as one of Tongji University-affiliated Cunzhi schools, enjoys the same teaching resources as Tongji University-related basic education. It is another high-quality private school in our city that includes kindergartens, primary schools, junior high schools, and high schools. The school covers an area of 273 acres, with a total investment of 850 million yuan. It is located north of Chuangye East Road in the Hi-tech Zone, east of the West Ring Road, 1000 acres of urban green space in the east, and 800 acres of Liangsidu Park in the south, with a beautiful environment.

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