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New Year's auspicious dishes, more than year after year, teach you authentic methods, the fish is tender and not fishy, and delicious.

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"Steamed seabass" is a common practice. Steamed seabass cooking techniques are mainly steamed vegetables, and the taste is salty. Steamed seabass is one of the traditional Chinese dishes of the Han nationality in Guangdong Province. It belongs to Cantonese cuisine and one of the seafood recipes. It uses seabass as the main ingredient. , Steamed seabass cooking techniques are mainly steamed vegetables, and the taste is salty. The meat of the seabass is tender and steamed with high fire, which retains the taste and umami of the fish to the maximum. The method seems very simple, but the simpler it is The harder it is to achieve the ultimate

Not much to say, today Chen BAO will share with you how to properly make delicious and successful red steamed sea bass!

[Red Steamed Bass] More than a year


1 piece of sea bass, 1 slice of ginger, 5 slices of ginger

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