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The price has increased by nearly 1 million before it goes on sale. This luxury car from Lexus has made Elfa "suggest"

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In the cold winter of the auto market, the sales of MPV models have declined, and it is particularly obvious. However, in the high-end MPV field, such as Toyota Elfa, even if the price increases are more than 300,000, there is still insufficient supply. While Toyota's high-end brand Lexus smells the huge business opportunities in the high-end MPV field, it has released the flagship MPV-Lexus LM at the Shanghai Auto Show 2019. The new car is expected to be officially launched in February 2020.

The Lexus LM is the first high-end MPV of the Lexus brand. The overall appearance adopts the Lexus family design language, and the atmosphere is high-end. The front face adopts a family-style chrome-plated spindle grille, which combines the projected far and near light integrated LED headlights and the exaggerated "L" -shaped daytime running lights. The recognition is very high and aggressive. The new car also uses "scythe-type" fog lights on both sides of the front bumper to further show the toughness of the front face.

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