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14-year-old sister fancy "bullying" his brother, making netizens laugh: Chinese-style good sister

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Now that the second child policy is open, many families have two children, and two children add a lot of joy to the family, but many parents will also have a headache. Two children will be noisy and conflicting. In fact, as long as the parents of the second child family have good education , The two children can get along well.

The 14-year-old sister's fancy "teasing" her brother and the harmonious relationship between her brother and sister are enviable

A Baoma gave birth to a child and a daughter, her daughter is 14 years old, and her youngest son is only 1 year old. Sisters who are very different in age may not be able to play together. Maybe adolescent daughters may feel small. The younger brother is annoying, but this mode of getting along with the younger brother is very interesting. Baoma put the video of the younger sister “fearing” his brother on the Internet. I did n’t expect it to become popular. The video made netizens laugh: it really is China Good sister!

In the video, the elder sister was eating yakitori, and the younger brother also wanted to eat. The elder sister ate the meat skewer. The "bad-hearted" gave the sign to the younger brother, and the silly younger brother licked it. The elder sister drank Coca-Cola, and the younger brother came over again. The elder sister affixed the label of Coke to the younger brother. The silly younger brother did not respond and took a sip like his elder sister. The silly appearance turned over.

This sister-in-law relationship is enviable. Netizens commented differently on the sister's fancy "teasing" brothers and expressed that they also want such a sister. The harmonious sister-sibling relationship is the icing on the cake for family harmony, and The relationship between the sister and brother is so close and cannot be separated from the parents' daily education. Second-born family: How to balance the relationship between Dabao and Erbao as parents?

1. Don't favor partiality

After giving birth to a second child, many parents will subconsciously think that Dabao should let Erbao, especially when they are in conflict, and they may casually say, "Brother is younger than you, so let your brother and sister. "" Why did my brother cry again? "

These words may be unintentional by the parents, but Dabao may not be in the taste after hearing it. Dabao will think that the birth of his brother and sister has taken away the love of his parents, and thus he has no favor with Erbao.

In fact, this is a kind of eccentricity of parents. When contradictions occur, parents should level up a bowl of water. Don't blindly let Dabaoqian let Erbao, it is best to let the child handle it first, and the parents can't handle it before the parents come forward. solve conflicts.

2. Let Dabao Erbao establish friendly relations

From the time of the birth of the second treasure, as a parent, it is best to ask Dabao's opinions and think about Dabao's mood. In ordinary life, you should also let Dabao participate in the life of Erbao. You can also take the opportunity of Erbao to grow up and remember the time when Dabao was in the beginning-"You were naughty like this when you were a kid", "You used to be a mother", etc. Wait, let Dabao have expectations for the birth of Erbao, and Dabao will naturally form a sense of honor as an elder brother.

3. Accompany Dabao more

The birth of the baby will definitely take away a lot of energy and time from the parents. At this time, Dabao may feel left out and form a sense of loss. At this time, parents must pay more attention to Dabao's mood and give Dabao more companionship in time. When Dabao deliberately plays with his temper because he wants to attract the attention of his parents, give him more patience and never lose his temper.

4. Create a harmonious family atmosphere

The family atmosphere will have a subtle influence on the child. A good family atmosphere will also help the family to be harmonious. Many parents educate Dabao to take care of Erbao, and at the same time, they should also educate Erbao to respect Dabao and listen to the words of his brother and sister. Respect and love are mutual. If there is an obedient brother and sister, which brother or sister will not love? Therefore, these are closely related to parents' education.

The only child is easy to be lonely. If the family can afford two children, the second child is actually a good choice, because the two children can rely on each other and support each other, but it is important that parents educate the two children. Do n’t be partial, otherwise “arms” may be turned against each other, which is something everyone does not want to see.

Look for small moms in parenting problems. Family education starts from a young age. Your child is healthy and healthy. I'm a small mom to help you solve big parenting problems.

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