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42-year-old Huang Xiaoming took a selfie, but fans are paying attention to his mobile phone, after learning the price: disturbed

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Speaking of Huang Xiaoming, I believe many of my friends know it? His marriage with Yang Ying is the focus of many people's attention. Now that he has become a dad, he has become increasingly low-key and rarely shares his daily life on his personal social networking site. Just recently, recently, 42-year-old Huang Xiaoming took a selfie, but fans are paying attention to his mobile phone, and after knowing the price: disturbed.

Huang Xiaoming, 42, was once said to be greasy for a while. In fact, it doesn't mean that Huang Xiaoming doesn't look good, but he always feels a little greasy, so more and more people didn't like Huang Xiaoming at that time. Only this time after taking a selfie, everyone found that Huang Xiaoming seemed different, with a less greasy uncle feeling, but handsome to a new height.

Huang Xiaoming in the photo changed a new small fresh hairstyle, and his eyes have more gods than before. I do n’t know if it is because of the thinness. Huang Xiaoming has a lot of sharp edges and corners. When many fans saw this, they whispered to Xiaoming exactly what he experienced. The next time he saw it, it changed so much.

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