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Since the Christmas NBA has a Christmas war, why is there no game for Thanksgiving, which is just as important?

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The NBA's annual traditional drama "Christmas War" will begin. Every Christmas, the NBA League will arrange some heavy duels to add glory to the most noble festival in the United States. This year's Christmas War, the NBA official arrangements After five games, including the top two Los Angeles Derbys in the west, the Lakers and the Clippers, and the top two Bucks in the East against the Toronto Raptors, it can be said that several games are very attractive, just like The Chinese "Spring Festival Gala" drama.

However, many people are very curious. In the United States, which is almost as important as Christmas, Thanksgiving, the NBA does not schedule any games, but chooses to give players a day off on Thanksgiving. It is also the most important holiday. Why the NBA Don't schedule games to give fans some attention on Thanksgiving?

The reason is only one person, and that is Kobe Bryant. In fact, before the NBA, on the Thanksgiving Day, there had been special arrangements for the game. The degree of attention was almost the same as that of the Christmas Wars. However, on the Thanksgiving Day in 2006, the league arranged the Los Angeles Lakers and the Supersonic (now There was a contest between the Thunder team). It is known that 2006 was the craziest year for Kobe's scoring performance. As long as it was a Los Angeles Lakers game, it always attracted a lot of attention, and Kobe did not make mistakes in this game. , Chopping melon and chopping vegetables generally scored 34 points, leading the Los Angeles Lakers to easily beat the Sonics to win.

Kobe, who thought he had won the game, will be happy after the game, but at the press conference, Kobe appeared very unhappy. Kobe, who was upright in character, shouted at the conference directly: "Today is Thanksgiving! Players I was supposed to stay with my family and reunite, but I need to play here XXX! "Obviously Kobe was venting his dissatisfaction. Before that, some players had complained about the game schedule on Thanksgiving Day, but the league did not Regardless, this time Kobe directly cursed the arrangement of the league. According to past experience, the league will inevitably ignore Kobe's remarks and may even punish Kobe.

However, it was surprising that after Kobe's scolding, the league did not make any representations. Instead, on Thanksgiving the following year, the league never scheduled any games, but the NBA official at the time did not want to admit that it was because of Kobe. Remarks are not scheduled for the game on Thanksgiving Day. The explanation given by the league at that time was because fans need to be reunited with their families at home on this day, so many people will not come to watch the game on this day, for economic reasons. Consider that the Alliance will cancel the Thanksgiving war. But the sighted people can see that all of this is because of Kobe's dissatisfaction. As the absolute first person in the league at the time, it was really important for Kobe to be happy. Therefore, the NBA cancelled all the games on Thanksgiving day after that!

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