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The children of the stars sang and danced and offered a special thank you party

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On the morning of December 21, the creative garden was very lively. A special annual meeting was held here, and the main character of the annual meeting was children with mental disabilities such as autism and Tang's. The annual meeting was jointly organized by the Fangze Qiu Volunteer Service Team of Jinan City and the Hui'an Disabled Persons Service Center of Jinan City. The cheerful African drum kicked off the annual meeting. The actors were children with mental disabilities. The children's uniform movements struck a joyous sound and caused applause from the audience.

It is worth mentioning that one of the hosts of the annual meeting, Liu Junshi, is also a child with autism. He co-operated with his partners in the mode of hosting, and his eloquent words. Moreover, he dedicated a wonderful sand painting performance to the audience. With both hands on the drawing board, exquisite paintings are displayed on the screen. The audience's applause and exclamation continued, and they rushed forward to take photos and take photos.

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