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Fengcheng Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security

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China Jiangxi Net News Yafeng and Chen Fang reporter Li Xun report: In order to further advance the education of the theme of "do not forget the original heart and remember the mission", further standardize the personnel management of public institutions and improve the post management system of public institutions. Recently, Fengcheng Human Resources and Social Security Bureau has actively promoted the management of post setting in public institutions, conducted post setting approval work for more than 500 public institutions, and conducted timely post verification and approval for some newly established public institutions to apply for post setting for the first time. Partially employed personnel who meet the promotion requirements of the unit have adjusted their post levels in a timely manner.

It is reported that in order to speed up the work progress and provide more convenient services to various units, the joint education, health and other systems have adopted a "uniform time, unified location, unified procedures" to work in the field of schools, health centers and other units, Do a good job of job setting adjustment, personnel employment adjustment, approval, etc., insist on setting up posts and hiring as required, and timely update the position settings and personnel employment bases of public institutions in a timely manner, to ensure that each unit, all levels of post settings and personnel employment management work Authenticity, accuracy and continuity. At the same time, all public institutions are required to carry out changes and deployment of personnel posts on the premise that there are corresponding job vacancies in the unit, adhere to the change of posts, and form a working mechanism of "there are post approvals, employment approvals, and cash treatment benefits" to ensure Systematic position management.

As of now, the bureau has instructed 73 schools, 39 health centers and hospitals, 80 township (street office) business stations and 60 municipal government-affiliated institutions to complete the job setting work, and strive to complete the city by the end of the month. The work of approving the number of posts in various public institutions and adjusting the level of employment involves the work of covering more than 19,000 staff in public institutions in the city, and effectively connecting the post setting system with the income distribution system.

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