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Dayi, Chengdu: Linking Areas to Build a Model of Human Settlements in Rural Communities with Beauty and Beauty: A Record of Development and Governance of Meicun, Nan'an, Anren Township, Dayi County

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On the field on the south bank of Anren, the sun is dripping with mottled gold, and the moss in the courtyard dam is lovely and green. After walking about two kilometers south of the Xiejiang River, you will come to a dreamy theme flower park: giant panda, elephant, giraffe, peacock ... Large flower sculptures decorated with various flowers and plants come to life, giving birth to the largest flower building. The structure "Castle in the Mirror" and the highest bush-shaped watchtower "Magic Bean Tower" have two Guinness World Records.

Walking on the green road of the flower field landscape is very pleasant. Here is the beautiful village on the south bank of Anren Town. With Qingyuan Village as the core, it radiates Xinhua, Jintang, and Caishan communities. The core area covers an area of 3.18 square kilometers and residents With 5,951 members and 315 party members, South Village Meicun implemented a "regional linkage to build beauty with beauty" to create a model of human settlements in rural communities.

In recent years, Anren Town has thoroughly implemented the rural revitalization strategy, solidly promoted the governance of community development, relied on the resource advantages of "Anren · China Cultural Expo Industry Function Zone", fully utilized the concept of community development governance, used market mechanisms to leverage social capital participation, and introduced the implementation of OCT The "Nan'an Meicun" project adhered to the "industrial theme, results sharing, and refined governance", promoted the joint development of the area, and coordinated the promotion of the integration of agricultural, commercial, cultural, and tourist services, the renewal of rural forms, the improvement of public service facilities, and the innovation of governance mechanisms. The new life of the “Meicun” in western Sichuan under the leadership of the party ’s construction of multiple subjects was awarded the first batch of 3A forest disks in Chengdu and won the title of “Best Rural Complex” in the 2019 China (Beijing) Cultural Tourism Industry Development Forum.

Highlighting the Connotation of the Village and Advancing the Theme of Community Industry

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