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Onmyoji: Christmas Eve is coming, the gift system is coming: Gouyu changes skin

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After a fierce fight with the sea invaders, Kyoto's decisive battle has ended. I believe that the famous scene of the flooded courtyard in Kyoto will never be forgotten by the tickling rats. Just before the tickling rats were still waiting, the Christmas Eve gift system was launched in the early hours of the 23rd.

For Ping An, Christmas Eve is a very important day, after all, it is a Ping An (233). This event should also be the first free gift activity among players of the Yin Yang division. Christmas Eve always has the habit of giving gifts, and receiving a carefully prepared gift from your friends on Christmas Eve will make you feel extra warm. Let ’s take a look at the contents of this gift!

The first is the rules for this gift giving event. The time for giving and receiving gifts is as above. It should be noted that this event can only interact with friends who have reached the "warm companionship" (that is, 2 flowers). You only need to send a gift to get the exclusive event avatar box for this gift giving event. After the first gift, the avatar box for each subsequent gift will be converted into 150 hooks, which is a small discount.

There are three types of gifts, as shown above: gift boxes, items and decorations. There are two types of gift boxes: hook jade box and soul jade box. I believe this need not say more, the smart tickling mice will choose gifts according to their own circumstances. In the Gouyu box, you can choose the following gifts: 100% gold coin for one hour, 100% experience for one hour, Royal Soul for one hour, 60 physical strength, 20 cherry cakes, random 6-star Royal Soul, Jiyun Dharma, Samsung egg, 30 skin coupons and one blue ticket. According to the rules, the same kind of gifts can be added repeatedly, adding up to three gifts.

Basically, in the gift list, the more cost-effective gifts have experience bonuses, skin coupons and blue tickets. There are many ways to obtain gold coins and Royal Soul bonuses, and there will be few shortages. Even if they are used every day, there will be overflows. The experience bonus as a relatively poor bonus for civilian players will be supplemented at this time. The price is also a very low 18 hook jade.

Skin coupons are priced at 68 hooks each, 30 in one, and 90 in three, which is a rich gift. There are fewer ways to get skin coupons than other gifts. Recently, a lot of good-looking skins have been introduced one after another. I believe that giving 90 skin coupons to your friends and relatives at this time can make him very happy.

By the same token, a blue ticket for 78 hook jades is more cost-effective than a 90 hook jade for ten consecutive draws. Immediately, there will be an UP event for drawing cards outside the cloud. Players can choose according to their own circumstances.

The items in the Soul Jade Gift Box are a little different. Different items have different weights. For example, you can choose 6 bonuses but only one if you choose black eggs. Local tyrants can also take this opportunity to supplement their insufficient resources

Finally, it is the decoration of gifts. A delicate gift cannot be separated from the intentional packaging, and the gift packaging at the event is also pretty. The Gouyu gift box has three kinds of decoration: Red Thousand Paper Cranes, Fire Butterfly, and Inari. Xiaobian prefers the Fire Butterfly among them. It's not just to add one kind of decoration, but it's not to add all the decorations to make it look good. Itchy rats choose their favorite combination of decoration according to their preferences ~

The soul jade gift box is more decorated: compared to the hook jade box, there are more spring cherry blossoms, sea stars, green thousand paper cranes and pink thousand paper cranes. But the same is that all decorations are added for free.

Last but not least: each person opens up to three gifts! It ’s important to pay attention to the tickling mice that give each other with friends and large and small gifts. Do n’t find the extra gifts when you do n’t receive them again, and waste those gifts.

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